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What better way to improve your Columbia property than having our tree planting services available? There are few better investments than planting trees on your land – and our tree pros will make sure it gets done right. Trees are an easy way to help improve the aesthetics and value of your land and produce many more benefits than beauty. New trees also provide a great environmental boost and even save you money!

Planting a new tree on your property may seem like a simple task, but a lot of factors are considered when placing a tree for optimal growth. With a tree such an important investment, you should never trust your property to an amateur company. Our experts are well acquainted with the Columbia area and have the expertise to choose the right trees for your property. We also consider the soil and weather conditions as well as the other vegetation on your property. All of these environmental factors lead to healthier and stronger trees on your land.

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Our customers consistently rely on us for top-quality customer care and professionalism that we exhibit on every job we deliver. That is why we have been providing expert tree planting and other services to our Columbia neighbors for years. Once we consider the best placement for your new trees, we ensure they grow and mature with some of the other services we provide to our Columbia neighbors:

Our ultimate goal is to provide your residential or commercial property with the tree care you can rely on. We give you exceptional results on all of our tree services no matter if you need three trees planted or sixty! Our experience handling any size job at any level of difficulty allows our staff to take on any of your specific requests. We’ll work with complete accuracy and courtesy to make your tree planting experience the most enriching possible!

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Don’t pay any arm and a leg just to add new trees to your property! It is absolutely free to get started, just call us up for your 100% complimentary service estimate! You can reach us at (803) 335-2441, email us at, or fill out the form attached to this page.

Our experts service Columbia as well as the surrounding areas, including Lexington, Dentsville, Forest Acres, Irmo, and others!

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